Jack Owens, Special Agent, FBI (Retired)
Author of Don't Shoot! We're Republicans! and Watchman JKF'S Last Ride





    “Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans!, is a humorous and breezy memoir of Jack Owens’ thirty years as an agent in the trenches of the FBI working the streets of federal law enforcement. The book revels the light moments in the Bureau as well as the stressful hours and days of confrontation in two federal prison riots with the lives of hundreds of hostages in the balance, plus hundreds of arrests, surveillances, and the pipe bomb assassination of a federal judge. Owens, a law school graduate, lived it all, primarily in Alabama and in Colorado, but also in Georgia the night he was on scene for the capture of a serial killer on a bridge over the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta.  The title is a quote from an FBI roadblock one night in rural Alabama when Owens and fellow agents rushed a stopped vehicle looking for a bad guy, threw open the front doors and discovered two well dressed, elderly ladies, who shouted, “Don’t shoot! We’re Republicans!” Along the way, Owens worked undercover in spy investigations during the Cold War, and tracked national and international terrorists. According to Owens, you can’t have this kind of fun practicing law.   




Birmingham SWAT team leader and friend, Stanley Carr, left, watches as I fire a rifle during training, circa 1986. Carr was an excellent marksman, unflappable under pressure. He was a true leader.

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