Jack Owens, Special Agent, FBI (Retired)
Author of POCK, Don't Shoot! We're Republicans! and Watchman JKF'S Last Ride

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Former FBI Agent Jack Owens on Paighton Houston Disappearance, Death
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Jack's most recent book Watchman JFK'S Last Ride makes news in the Homewood Star! Click the link below to read this gripping summary of Jack's book. Who killed JKF? Was there a conspiracy?
JFK devotee publishes fictional book about the John F. Kennedy assassination
Article by: Madoline Markham, November 22nd, 2013

Jack's whit and funny sense of humor not only came out in his book, but they kept America howling with laughter as he braved the hit reality tv show BIG BROTHER in 2003. To see these truly hilarious clips from Jack's time on the show, click the video below! See why Jack was voted America's favorite houseguest that year!





Birmingham police officer Joe Warden, FBI agent Leon Sizemore, Coach Paul Bear Bryant, FBI agent Jack Owens and Birmingham police officer Earl Melton. Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant was kind enough to participate in a crime prevention campaign by the Birmingham PD and the Birmingham FBI, September, 1975.
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